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Small Circuit



A trip that takes you though lakes and forests


llao llao peninsula
View from the Llao Llao peninsula

The trip begins in Bariloche bordering the lake Nahuel Huapi. 8 km away is Playa Bonita. 10 km more and you arrive at the foot of Cerro Campanario, wher a skilift takes the traveller to the summit, some 1,050 mts. high. There is of the most beautiful and fascinating views of the region. Llakes Nahuel Huapi and Perito Moreno, the lagoon El Trébol, Peninsulas of San Pedro and Llao Llao and Isla Victoria.

In peninsula Llao Llao is the Chapel of San Eduardo, regional architectonic jewel on the region. Continuing the trip is the bridge Angostura on the river of the

same name that unites the Lakes Moreno and Peninsula Llao Llao. After the bridge is crossed on Lago Moreno you border Laguna El Trebol. Turning back to Bariloche you cxomplete the Small Circuit.

It is ideal to travel it in spring winding through walls of yellow of retamas. In summer enjoying Playa Bonita acalm Beach, Villa Tacul, Rio Nagostura, or Lago Moreno beaches, fish, windsurf, or any other nautical sport. In autumn observing in the mirror of the lakes the golden poplars, and in hills the reddish mantle of lengas. In winter the hills Millaqueo, Capilla, Lopez, Tronador, Cathedral, Ventana or Otto, spectacularly snow the contrasting blue of the sky and white of the snow. In addition, one full moonlit night can be a chance for traveling the paths of the Cerro Otto with the nocturnal view of the city of Bariloche.


puerto pañuelo

Puerto Pañuelo, 25 Km from Bariloche

Small circuit can be visited repeatedly, because it has many options: from paths for trekking in the forest and climb the mountains. From beaches to restaurants and tearooms.



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